About us

MyBabycards.ie is owned and operated by Realise4 Consultancy

The concept for the website was the inspiration of one of our directors when he became a  new dad. The overwhelming number of gifts they received when their son was born meant they wanted to send an extra special unique baby card to friends and relations to show their appreciation for all their good wishes. A card was designed and sent and the response received was phenomenal.

So many compliments were received so we thought other Mums and Dads would also love their own personalised baby cards, hence the birth of mybabycards.ie

Building a website takes time, energy and resources and we would like to thank all those who have helped bring mybabycards  to life. We have tried to ensure the website is extremely user friendly and not too technical but if there is anything you need answered that is not covered in our FAQ section or on the site then please feel free to e-mail us at info@mybabycards.ie

Congratulations on your new baby. A new exciting adventure has just begun for everyone. We wish you fun and enjoyment every step of the way